Early Childhood (3-6 years)


Hours: 8:45am-11:45am, 3 or 5 days per week

The simple yet beautiful 3-6 year old classroom is arranged into four main areas: practical life, sensorial, math and language. Additional areas include science, art, geography and culture. Each area contains materials that begin with basic skills that gradually increase in difficulty. Children are given individual or small group lessons and are allowed to manipulate the materials repeatedly for as long as they wish. The Montessori teaching method allows children to work at their own pace and to have choice in their work.  Also woven within the classroom environment is the component of grace and courtesy.  The multi-age classroom allows the older children to mentor and teach the younger children.  Our goal is to provide each child with a learning environment free of criticism and competition that helps develop a love of learning and skills of organization, coordination, concentration and independence.


Hours: 8:45 - 11:45 AM Wednesdays

           8:45 - 2:45 PM Every other weekday

The extended kindergarten program provides an all-day experience for our kindergarten students 4 days per week in addition to 1 half day. It is designed to provide a variety of other challenging and enriching activities for the students. There is a nice balance between group and cooperative activities as well as individual work. Along with providing opportunities for more individualized and complex lessons in the math, sensorial, practical life and language areas, we offer additional activities in the areas of science, art, music, Spanish, cooking and physical education.

Lower Elementary (6-9 years ~ 1st through 3rd Grade)

Upper Elementary (9-12 years ~ 4th through 6th Grade)

Hours:  8:45am-3pm, Monday through Friday

Our two elementary programs follow a holistic approach to teaching.  By recognizing and honoring the whole child, students are better able to develop their social-emotional awareness and academic skills. The multi-age groupings give children the opportunity to learn at their own pace, lead, teach, and inspire one another. Children are encouraged to accept social and academic challenges in the classroom to further build their independence and to encourage an innate love for learning during and outside of school. Cooperation and problem solving are modeled and taught each day.

The Montessori Method and materials help children arrive to their own conclusion and understanding of the subject areas.  At the same time, teachers guide students to a deeper comprehension of concepts through inquiry based projects, discussions and independent research projects.  Our integrated curriculum is highly individualized within the areas of math and language.  It is also a rich and diverse curriculum that allows children to explore the arts, humanities and sciences.