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To use the affiliate code for Samish Woods while shopping on Amazon, use the link below to get to Amazon before placing any items in your cart.  After your order ships, Samish Woods will be credited with a 4%-6.5% referral fee, depending on the number of orders that occur during each month (7 or more items increases the rate to 6%, 31 or more to 6.5% and actually higher if over 110 items).  Most items on Amazon qualify, even third-party items, although the fee is capped at $25 on certain high value items, such as computers, and held at 4% for some categories, such as electronics.


You can bookmark this link, drag it to your desktop to make a shortcut, or add it as your favorite for Amazon and use it directly from your browser without having to visit this page first.


 Amazon Shopping using Samish Woods' affiliate code 


 Current month shipped item count:      45      (as of 4/21)

 Current month fee rate:                    6.5%    (increases to 7% at 111 items)


Note that, if you have installed a toolbar to automate donating your online purchasing referral fees, like OneCause, FreeCause, or others, it will most likely "hijack" the referral fee to whatever other cause you have set up in the toolbar, even if you follow this Samish Woods link.  And typically, those toolbar sites pass along a much smaller referral fee than they get from Amazon or other online retailers.


Note on Privacy:  In the earnings report from Amazon we will see each specific item that was purchased using this affiliate code, and how much it cost, but we don't receive any identifying user information associated with the purchase. 


Please send any questions or concerns you have about this to